Our new telephone number
        is 06 420 3366. 

Marttilan kortteeri

Property Ltd Marttilan kortteeri (=Kiinteistö Oy Marttilan kortteeri), is owned by the City of Seinäjoki. It is the responsibility of Property Ltd to look after student housing in Seinäjoki and serve students, who complete their practical training in the city. During  summer Property Ltd rent student apartments to those who are residing here over the summer.

Our apartments are conveniently located near schools and/or downtown. All amenities and services are within walking distance.

Apartments booked for foreing students (Marttilan kortteeri-location):

Office of Kiinteistö Oy Marttilan kortteeri

Puskantie 31, 60100 SEINÄJOKI
Tel +358 6 420 4800 

SAUNA in E-house and Tower-house:  Remember you can book sauna only for 1 week beforehand.  Please book only one turn per week.

Deposit-fee will increase 1.3.2016. In shared apartments and single rooms 400 € (before 250 €), family-apartments 600 € (before 400 €).


Housing office moves 12.-15.2.2016 to city center. New address is Matti Visannin kuja 10, SEVAS Oy. New telephone number is 06 420 3366.  


Technical checkings/February:

to inform you that technical checkings of February are going to be done between 15. and 29.2
.2016.  We can´t tell you the exact time of checking but it will be at 9-16 (office hours). We will use master key to enter. If there is something technically to report us please send us e-mail. Take care of good cleaning of your room and also common kitchen and bathroom before you leave.
Please assure that you have left us your international account number to return your deposit money. Please notice there is a pricelist of cleaning if you have not cleaned it properly.

Housing office is open on Wednesday 03.2.2016 from 10.00-13.45 


Mon - Thu10.00 - 15.45
 Fri 10.00 - 14.45

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