Housing locations

The location of our apartments is excellent. Apartments are situated near schools or the city centre, close to amenities/services.

All locations have a laundry room and at least one sauna. The Marttilan kortteeri location also has a gym. The gym can be used by tenants from all locations.

The rent includes electricity, heat, water, laundry and sauna fees.

We recommend the Marttilan kortteeri and Satamoonmäki locations for foreign students. Part of the apartments are furnished (in room: bed + mattress, table, chair, bookshelf and in kitchen: table and chairs). Marttilan kortteeri is also close to the housing office and the city centre.

(rents updated 1.1.2011)

Marttilan kortteeri

Puskantie 38
Location: Marttila campus area, which also includes the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences/school of social work and a library. The Seinäjoki River flows through the Marttila campus area. On the other side of the river is Frami, the Innovations and Technology village. Frami is the new campus for Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences/ faculty of Information Technology and Business Information Technology.
Distances: the city centre 500 m, grocery store 300 m, nearest bus stop 300 m, post office, railway- and
busstation 1 km, University’s Business faculty 1,5 km,
Health care faculty 2,5 km.


shared ap./2 rooms:   280-298 €/month/person

shared ap./3 rooms:   222-241 €/month/person

 + furniture fee 10-15 €/month/person

1 room+kitchen:   328-427 €/month



Puskantie 22
Location: Near centre of Seinäjoki.

All apartments are unfurnished.


shared ap./2 rooms:  270-297 €/month/person

1 room+kitchen:  379-454 €/month

2 rooms+kitchen familyap.:  509-561 €/month

3 rooms+kitchen familyap.:  654 €/month



Larvakuja 1-5
Location: district of Jouppi, 1,3 km from centre of Seinäjoki.

All apartments are unfurnished.


shared ap./2 rooms:  293-296 €/month/person

shared ap./3 rooms:  256 €/month/person

1 room+kitchen:  319-410 €/month

2 rooms+kitchen familyap.:  461-544 €/month

3 rooms+kitchen familyap.:  612-695 €/month



Törnäväntie 28
Location: district of Törnävä, 4 km from centre of Seinäjoki.

Apartments are mainly unfurnished.


shared ap./2 rooms:  289 €/month/person

shared ap./4 rooms:  252 €/month/person

    + furniture fee 9-14 €/month/person

1 room+minikitchen:  149 €/month

1 room+kitchen:  264-375 €/month

2 rooms+kitchen familyap.:  401-546 €/month



Koulukatu 35
Location: district of Uppa, 1 km from centre of Seinäjoki, near Business school.

Apartments are mainly unfurnished.


shared ap./2 rooms:  292-297 €/month/person

shared ap./3 rooms:  277 €/month/person

 + furniture fee 10-15 €/month/person

1 room+kitchen:  393 €/month



Luomanranta 7
Location: Near centre of Seinäjoki and railway and bus station.

All apartments are unfurnished.


1 room+kitchen:  377-395 €/month

2 rooms+kitchen:  462-511 €/month


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