You can send an application, when you receive confirmation/information from your school that you have been accepted to the school or you have a confirmed study related job or training period.

We also need confirmation (or certificate) of your studies, training or job.
Exception: Students admitted to the International Programme/Business school OR to the degree programmes of International Business or Nursing DO NOT NEED TO send the certificate.
Admissions Office will send a  list new students to the housing office.

Ask/request your school, employer/training or employer to send a certificate/confirmation directly to us. An Email from your school or employer is also acceptable. (Email address: In the Email or on the certificate the school or employer must mention the date and when the studies, training or job ends.

After we receive confirmation/certificate, we will process your application.

The application form will open as a separate page:

Please do not send a new application if you want to make corrections/changes or provide more information. Instead, please send the infomation by email to or by regular mail to the following address:

Marttilan kortteeri
Puskantie 31
fax to number +358 6 423 4145

Please, cancel your application, if you don’t need Marttilan kortteeri’s apartments.

If your application sending through web did not succeed, you can print and fill
Application form (pdf)


Usually the tenancy agreement is made until further notice, and the tenants themselves terminate the agreement after finishing their studies and/or when they move into another apartment. The period of notice for the tenant is one calendar month and it always lasts until the end of the following month after giving the notice of termination.

With exchange students and summer tenants we make tenancy agreements of fixed period (=definite duration). The fixed period is binding on both parties, and an agreement of definite duration cannot be terminated during the agreement period.


The guarantee fee, which has to be paid before signing the tenancy agreement, is the tenants’ guarantee that they will discharge their responsibilities and take good care of the apartment. When the tenancy agreement has been terminated, the lessor can use the guarantee fee to cover the cost of damages or the need for extra cleaning. If the apartment is in good condition and all the obligations have been fulfilled, the guarantee fee will be returned to the tenant.

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